Policies & Recommendations

Safety Eyewear

Safety eyewear which meets performance standards of ANSI Z87.1 is impact resistant but not unbreakable. High impact lenses (polycarbonate) are recommended because they provide more impact resistance than basic impact lenses (plastic or glass). Basic impact lenses should not be worn where there is more than slow speed or low mass impact hazards. Exposure to or contact with chemical vapors or liquid may cause crazing. Pitted or scratched lenses reduce vision and significantly reduce impact protection. Replace damaged eyewear immediately. For protection against hazards from the side, eyewear must be worn with sideshields. Eyewear will not protect against severe impact hazards, such as fragmenting grinding wheels, explosive devices, high speed or large mass flying objects, chemical splash or similar hazards. Machine guards, engineered devices or additional personal protective equipment must be used for these hazards. Use of improper protectors can cause serious eye damage, including blindness. Consult with professional safety personnel or refer to a selection chart for the correct personal protective equipment. Clean only with approved lens cleaning products.


Shannon Optical Policies and Procedures

Warranty – Shannon Optical will replace any defective product at no charge if the following conditions occur within one year from purchase date.

  • Lens Breakage or Defects. (Not a warranty against scratches.)
  • Frame Breakage or Defects
  • Coating Defect – Peeling or Crazing

All warranties are voided if abnormal or excessive product abuse has occurred. Any product warranty request must be accompanied by the product in question.

Prescription Eyewear Errors – Shannon Optical will remake prescription eyewear at no charge for errors made by Shannon Optical.

Prescription Changes – Change in prescription eyewear due to doctor error, optician error, or data entry error will be charged at 50% of list price up to 60 days from purchase date.

Prescription Eyewear Returns – If for any reason prescription eyewear needs to be returned, and do not meet any of the warranty or error policies, Shannon Optical will issue a 50% credit from list price within 60 days of purchase date once the eyewear is returned to Shannon Optical.

Non-Adapt for Progressive Lenses – If the end user is unable to adapt to their progressive lenses, Shannon Optical will replace the lenses with any multifocal lens at no charge within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days, replacement lenses will be charged at list price.

Super Scratch Guard Warranty – A limited One Year Warranty is offered on Super Scratch Guard. Limited to one replacement per order.

Remakes – Remakes falling under any of the above policies must be returned to Shannon Optical prior to any credit being issued.

Fitting and Dispensing – Prescription eyewear should be properly fitted to the patient and dispensed by an eye care professional.

Side Shields – Shannon Optical recommends the use of firmly attached side shields on all protective eyewear.

Large Eye Sizes – Shannon Optical recommends polycarbonate lenses in frames with an eye size greater than 54mm.


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