Vision Screening

At Shannon Optical, you already know that we take care of your prescription safety glasses – but did you know we also help take care of your eyes, too? That’s right: we also provide Vision Screening, to help you make sure you and your employees’ eyes are healthy and functioning just as they should be.

Our simple tests and assessments, which only take about 10 minutes, are more than just a simple reading of lines on a chart. We also test your eye’s reaction to light, ocular muscle coordination, and testing that can reveal colorblindness or other hidden problems.

Do I Need a Vision Screening?

Given at important intervals in life, vision screening can help monitor the quality of your vision, and possibly identify common vision problems. While this is not a formal eye exam, Vision Screening provides a good indication if one is needed.

Vision Screening

List of Our Standard Vision Tests

Test No. 1: Binocularity Both Eyes

This test determines whether both eyes are being used together.

Test No. 2: Acuity Both Eyes

This test provides a precise measure of acuity with literates or illiterates.

Test No. 3: Acuity Right Eye

This is the same as the Both Eyes test, but permits measuring the habitual functioning of the Right Eye while both eyes look at the slide.

Test No. 4: Acuity Left Eye

This slide is similar in principle to that used for the Right Eye, but for the Left.

Test No. 5: Stereo Depth

This is a precise measure of one of the important factors of depth perception. The reliability of test results is high, and provides an excellent measure of binocular skill.

Test No. 6: Color Perception

This test consists of six accurately and authentically reproduced Ishihara Pseudoisochromatic plates. It detects color deficiency.

Test No. 7: Vertical Phoria

Good vertical alignment is an important factor in comfortable, efficient, two-eyed vision and is related to efficiency. In this test, the T vertical balance between the two eyes is measured.

Test No. 8: Lateral Phoria

Lateral Phoria measures quick, accurate eye fixations and precise, effortless seeing.


In-Plant Optician

We schedule an optician that will visit your facility to fit and dispense prescription safety eyewear.


We pair you with a local eyecare professional in your area that will assist you with the fitting and dispensing of eyewear.

Onsite Sample Frame Program

Your employees will be provided sample frames and forms to complete to take to their own eye doctor.


We will visit your employees on-site to provide a set of simple vision tests and assessments that help identify vision problems.